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Programmatic Media buying is a key part of the Mobile Advertising industry, and it has been since the dawn of digital marketing times.

Programmatic media buying keeps propelling the mobile advertising industry toward a more cost-efficient model: invest better, spend less, earn more.

According to a research by Statista, programmatic ad spend in 2020 reached the stunning figure of almost 130 billion dollars in the Us alone. Furthermore, is set to reach 155 billion by 2021. As the graph shows, those numbers are just the tip of a constant and exponential growth process.

As shown on Statista’s website

Mobile programmatic comes as one of the…

Google’s announcement of Android 12 comes in the wake of Apple’s keynote, with all the privacy features related to IOS 15, and FLoC — Federated Learning of Cohorts — which is set to replace cookies in 2023. Android 12 is embracing the change and a new version of the OS has been announced.

Google has announced a new version of Android at its annual event which take usually in place every May. The conference — held online — revealed the launch of the new Android 12, which will be available this fall to the public. The new OS features include…

In Mobile Marketing, paid user acquisition is simply a set of non-organic activities, performed by apps, with the goal of acquiring new users. Is a form of advertising mostly done to drive installs and bring users to the store page of the app.

Users use apps to accomplish their day to day needs such as taxi booking, food delivery, shopping, or anything. Somehow, we can say that are smartphones have become the first — or one of the first — touchpoints in the purchase process.

During the first half of 2021, the global consumer spending in apps and games had…

After announcing its intention to ban tracking cookies on its very own Chrome browser by 2022, replacing them with a different tracking system based on group profiling, called FloC — Federated Learning of Cohorts — , Google decided to take a step back and procrastinate.

Google has in fact recently declared that it is delaying its plans to phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser until 2023, a year or so later than originally planned. That is a big news for the industry, as professionals will have more time to pursue the best third-party-cookie alternative.

This means that marketers…

It’s been a year of big changes for Apple and 2021 keynote was just another step in a clear direction: privacy. Apple’s commitment to protect user’s data started with the announcement of ATT and IOS 14.5 a little over a year ago; two features that are somehow reshaping the industry, as marketers and app developers can struggle at times to cope with the new rules for tracking and attribution.

WWDC 2021, Apple’s annual developer conference, in fact, was focused not on hardware but on softwares, as various updates are on their way. …

Cookieless Advertising is something that used to belong to the past. Since tracking became possible, advertisers and brands, as we know, never looked back. Following a user behaviour across multiple website gave marketers the chance to really know what someone was doing; perception and bias stopped working, in lieu of them came data. An enormous amount.

But this is somehow coming to an end, as personal data about users won’t be so easy to reach for advertisers in what could be called the cookieless age.

First: how and why did we get here?

A little over a year ago, Safari

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company’s annual showcase for its software, was held on June 7th and comes with a lot of interesting updates regarding privacy — we’ve an article about the major privacy updates, you can find it here — and softwares.

With IOS 14.5 announcement a little more than a year ago, Apple vowed to strengthen user’s privacy by making the tracking activity for marketing purposes more visibile to users. The company has simply started giving users the possibility to choose whether to be tracked or not across all apps . …

Artificial Intelligence has become much “cooler” and down-to-earth in the past years. The concept of A.I. was first made popular via books and movies where wickedly smart computers were stealing and cheating and changing the life of the people. Because, in those stories, the authors always made A.I. so much more intelligent and powerful than human beings. Think of HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odissey or Alicia Vikander’s Ava in Ex — Machina

Alicia Vikander as the Humanoid Robot Ava in Ex-Machina

The fact is that A.I. are not smarter than humans. They will never be, at least in the near future. Artificial Intelligence are just so much…

In the mobile apps industry, User Acquisition managers work to find high quality users. They know — as we all do — that often quality matters much more than quantity: you want to find people that not only like your app, but that are likely to convert and make a purchase in “freemium dominated” industry. Apps developers need high quality users to survive and prosper.

Today we want to talk about what is a high quality user and what it means — and what it takes — for an app to find one. …

As you may have heard, IOS 14.5 is a big thing for the mobile industry. Apple’s ATT is forcing millions of mobile marketing professionals around the world to rethink their strategies, as the entire digital ecosystem is working to achieve a more “privacy first web”.

Digital advertising was — and still is — heavily based on tracking, data collection and optimisation. As we move forward and strive to build a more privacy first web, advertisers may struggle to find the right audience to deliver messages to without changing the way they work or losing a big amount of money.


Mapendo Tech Team

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