3 Success Stories on User Acquisition

As many of us have seen in the last few years, but especially in the last few months as the Pandemic has swept across the world, mobile app usage is increasingly becoming intertwined with people’s daily lives, and not just in the entertainment context but for essential services as well. And with the boon of mobile app users, a staggering number of new apps are flooding the market every day, aided by new technologies allowing almost anyone to develop a new app, even without the ability to code (one such example is Appy Pie). We have seen website development become so user-friendly through online software such as Squarespace that even non-developers can make beautiful and effective sites, and app development is not very far behind.

All this means that in this hyper competitive market, apps truly need to break through the crowd, and the way they are marketed to users worldwide is critical in order to ensure success. One critical aspect of these efforts is properly planning partnership and affiliate marketing strategies.

Sound and experienced marketing strategies (encompassing affiliate and partnership marketing) need to be employed in order to target users worldwide in the smartest and most efficient way possible, ultimately ensuring the app’s success. Weather your app is rooted in finance, transportation, or travel, Mapendo has been able to strategically leverage technology in order to optimise these marketing efforts. Here are three examples of how Mapendo’s proprietary A.I. platform made it easy for these apps to achieve success. Let’s dive in!

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Monese (Finance)

Monese is a financial app and a 100% mobile banking service that can be found across the U.K. and the EEA. With Monese, one can instantly open a bank account without proof of local address or credit history. It is accessible to everyone.

The Goals

Monese had 3 goals in mind while working with Mapendo. These 3 challenging goals were:

  1. Grow their customer base.
  2. Find new paid acquisition channels that deliver Monese ads to the relevant target audience across selected markets.
  3. Grow while keeping the cost per acquired customer under control.

The Results

“Mapendo managed to scale the campaigns volume 4 times during 5 months while improving the install to conversion 5x. via their in-app inventory. We found this partnership to be productive, transparent, and quickly reactive to all our requests and concerns.” — Finance App Senior Paid Media Specialist at Monese

▪ As a whole, Mapendo was able to generate hundreds of thousands of installs on both Android and iOS platforms and thousands opened accounts.

▪ With Mapendo’s help, more than 150 new bank accounts were created every day around Europe.

▪ Due to its wide success, this company earned the 2016 European Fintech Award’s Best Challenger-Bank honor. Furthermore, in 2017, Monese had more than half a billion customer transactions.

The focus on growth marketing has been key in all of these success factors.

OYO (Travel)

OYO is a hospitality app that connects with hotels and provide rooms for customers. It has access to the largest hotel chain with a presence in India, U.K., China, Malaysia, and Nepal.

The Goals

Monese had 3 goals in mind while working with Mapendo. These 3 growth marketing challenging goals were:

  1. Gain more users and bookings through their mobile apps.
  2. CPI Campaigns: KPI — Maximize the average revenue per user. ARPU.
  3. CPA Campaigns: KPI — Booking to check-in rate higher than 20%.

The Results

“We would recommend Mapendo to other brands/firms as they provide good quality traffic with scale and are always up for changes and additional requirements fulfillment as and when required.” Gaurav Sharma Assistant Manager, Online Marketing OYO, Online Booking Services

In regards to the CPI results, in 3 months we overachieved the expected average revenue per user and reached more than 2500 thousand users per day.

As far as CPA results, the Booking to Check-In Rate reached 30.8%, sitting at 50% higher than our target.

▪ The app became Startup of the Year 2018, India.

▪ With Mapendo’s help, the app raised more than 1 billion dollars in 2018 to expand in India and internationally.

eCooltra (Mobility)

eCooltra is a Transportation/Mobility app and it the #1 European scooter sharing app, providing scooters that are maintenance and insurance free. The scooters do not cause any emissions, or run on fossil fuels or oil, making this mode of transportation environmentally friendly.

The Goals

Monese had 3 goals in mind while working with Mapendo. These 3 challenging goals were:

  1. Increase the number of users on the app.
  2. Increase the number of rentals in the app.

The Results

“Our objective was to increase the volume of registrations and riders while maintaining a healthy CAC. Mapendo has been able to do that resulting on expansion do different GEO’s. I would recommend Mapendo for their great pro-active support and high quality traffic.” — Michael Jessen Mobile Marketing Manager eCooltra, Mobility & Transport

Within the first 8 months, we used CPA campaigns to boost growth. Now, we optimised the CPA funnel by shortening it.

▪ Generated 899 first time riders and since then…

▪ Generated 6982 rides

▪ Our next step is to improve the conversion rate in low season by using promo codes.

In today’s extremely competitive market, it is essential to work with a parter who will assist you with your app’s growth marketing efforts in every way and be there to provide insights, support, and feedback every step of the way. Mapendo provides quality partnership marketing services, and works with you, not just for you.

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