Case Study: Fintonic <> Mapendo


Fintonic is a financial service app that allows customers to organize all bank accounts, insurances, and credit cards into one space. They are independent of banks, which means that they have the freedom to offer users what they want without any conflict of interest. There are over 400, 000 users and the app won the Google Award for mobile innovation. Fintonic is the most common financial app used in Spain. Fintonic is based in Spain, Chile, and Mexico.


Fintonic had two simple goals for Mapendo:

“Mapendo’s technology and expertise were crucial to achieving our ambitious growth targets. The team is very proactive and helped us expand our reach and visibility in a transparent way.” — Fintonic


For 6 months, Mapendo used CPA campaigns acquiring thousands of new bank accounts linked to the Fintonic services.

In the following 4 months, Mapendo optimized the CPA funnel by shortening it. This resulted in 50%+ conversions.

All in all, there have been thousands of registered bank accounts across Chile and Spain due to Mapendo’s efforts.

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