How Essential is Mobile and App Use in Our Daily Lives?

Most of us are acutely aware by now that in the majority of cases, in order to partake in today’s modern society, a smartphone device with an internet connection is virtually essential. We are reliant on our devices to complete tasks that range from routine (yet important) tasks such as communicating with our coworkers, friends and family, to more critical tasks that include making electronic bank payments — all through the usage of a vast number of apps.

So how do we use our devices in order to “survive” each and every day? We can start by looking at one group of categories that encompass some of our essential smartphone usage: Personal Assistants (such as Siri), organizational apps (from appointment makers like Calendly to task-makers like Trello), and of course communication apps (including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom).

There are also other categories of apps that many of us were already using fairly regularly including apps used for recipes and cooking, eCommerce, banking, health (both physical exercise and mindfulness/meditation) and of course education. These types of apps were already considered essential by many of us, but oh how much has that changed once COVID-19 took hold of our world. Particularly during worldwide lock-downs, we can certainly argue that these categories of apps have become even more critical to our daily survival in our modern world.

We can look at our human immersion in tech as a double-edged sword. On once hand we have those who say we have become too dependent on these technologies and have become essentially addicted (we cover the topic of app addiction in a follow-up article), yet on the other hand these same technologies have allowed people to do things from continuing their studies remotely, to saying goodbye to their loved ones when they couldn’t access the hospitals.

So, at the end of the day, there are nuances and complexiies to our newly intensified reliance on our mobile devices, applications, and other software and technology. But that is simply the trajectory. If we look at history for any indication, we can clearly see that the world has always moved forward with widespread adoption of new technologies. We won’t be going backwards, so we must adapt and do our best to make our use of these technologies as healthy, fair, and sustainable as possible.

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