Mapendo Says Goodbye to Game of Thrones

I don’t know about you, but at the office, during our coffee/lunch breaks, Game of Thrones has become a huge topic of discussion. We converse about characters, likes and dislikes, all unanswered questions that we may have. We basically talk about everything that you could think of. As the 8th and final season came to a close recently, I’ve asked my colleagues to answer multiple questions about the GOT series as a “moving on to the next chapter” phase of our lives (sadly). Here you will be able to read the thoughts of a few employees at Mapendo about this phenomenal TV series!

Some of the GOT characters

Who is your favorite character on GOT?

Antonella: “Bran Stark. He’s the most powerful but at the same time, he’s destined to be fair for its own gift.”

Fabio: “Tyrion Lannister as he is really clever and he often drinks wine.”

Carlotta: “Arya Stark — At a very young age she developed tremendous self-control, despite the anger and passion, she has never lost. I loved it when she refused to become a lady and marry the guy she feel in love with. I admired her when she killed the Night King and nobody could even see it. I adored it at the end when she decided to leave the things she knew and move on to discover new places; she’s aware that the world is much bigger than Westeros.”

Sara: “One of my favorite characters on GOT is Brienne of Tarth. First off, she’s a badass woman. Secondly, throughout a world full of corruption and greed, she is able to remain honorable and is undeniably loyal. Thirdly, she does not quite have a lot of self-esteem, she’s vulnerable at times, she’s uncomfortable with her physical appearance and beauty in a world that values only beauty in a female. In my opinion, this makes her very relatable, diverse and real!”

Which was the worst character on GOT?

Antonella: “Ramsey Bolton”

Fabio: “Robert Stark. In my opinion, he’s really useless and pathetic!”

Carlotta: “Joffrey Baratheon…too arrogant, too stupid, too bad!”

Sara: “Joffrey Baratheon…pure evil.”

In the GOT series, what was the most shocking scene to you?

Antonella: “Hodor’s death!”

Fabio: “The most shocking scene was in Season 4, Episode 8. It was when the Mountain kills Oberyn (The Viper) gouging out his eyes!”

Carlotta: “Probably, the Red Wedding was the most shocking scene!”

Sara: “When Jon Snow was stabbed to death…not sure there are many scenes to choose from.”

What is your favorite GOT quote?

Antonella: “Chaos is a ladder.”

Fabio: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Carlotta: “Valar Morghulis — Valar Dohaeris”, translated “All men must die — All men must serve”

Sara: “A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of sheep.”

Which death was a sad one?

Antonella: “Hodor!!!!!!”

Fabio: “The death of Jamie Lannister.”

Carlotta: “Shireen Baratheon, daughter of Stannis Baratheon. Burnt in front of her parents.”

Sara: “Ygritte. Jon Snow’s first love. I really liked her character!”

What will you miss the most about GOT?

Antonella: “It’s pure entertainment. I will miss that!”

Fabio: “It’s brutality.”

Carlotta: “ALL the characters!”

Sara: “I think for me, the joy of watching this TV show was about watching and discussing it with others. I think I’ll miss the social aspect of it.”

What was the best part about GOT?

Antonella: “The part ‘Behind the Wall’.”

Fabio: “Tyrion’s dialogue.”

Carlotta: “There are many but one of my favorites was when Sansa and Arya unmask Petyr Baelish, sentence him to death, and Arya kills him.”

Sara: “Escaping our world for 1h30mins every week to be part of a world full of fantasy.”

Our favorite GOT memes…

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts were on GOT! Any suggestions for a good TV shows?

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