Mobile Ads Performance Index, August Edition

We are excited to finally release our U.S. data today for the month of July and the first days of August.

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The Mobile Ads Performance Index records monthly changes across KPI used by Mobile App Marketers including the average Cost per App Install (CPI). Since lots of readers are asking for more data to be released, stay tuned! You will see a lot more in the coming editions.

Looking at our latest U.S. data, with Q3 in full swing we are now seeing a second spike in CPA price levels and a dip in eCPIs. The first strong recovery was noted in our previous update. We’ve been taken on a little bit of a rollercoaster ride this year which of course has been intensified by the pandemic, a situation that will continue to have echoing effects in the months ahead. We are now starting to see prices CPA rebound once again in Q3 but first, let’s first take a look at the eCPI averages.

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We can see that after the initial rebound in Q2 we are seeing another dip happening in Q3. On the other hand, we are seeing CPA prices spiking again in early August as seen in the graph below.

CPA numbers during the same timeframe in 2019 were hovering at around 30% higher, while CPI numbers were, on average, roughly 40% lower. This is due again to the effects of the pandemic, that are deeply affecting the industry KPIs during this year.

Mapendo is always looking to leverage technology to reduce risk and fluctuation as much as possible, which will become critical especially in the immediate future as we work towards regaining stability in the market and slowly regain lost momentum.

Q4 is normally where 40% of the yearly spend is concentrated, and so the numbers we are seeing now are going to be an indication of what the last quarter will look like as far as overall investment and spend.

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