Mobile Ads Performance Index, September Edition

Whoa there cowboy! Our latest U.S. data has continued to show significant movement on prices. Check out our latest data on the month of August and the start of September.

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The Mobile Ads Performance Index records monthly changes across KPI used by Mobile App Marketers including the average Cost per App Install (CPI). Stay tuned for the upcoming Q4 results!

As we approached the fourth quarter of 2020, we have seen a significant dip in eCPI prices during the month of August, reaching levels even lower than during the peak of the pandemic back in March and April, followed by a steep increase once again during the first part of September. In our previous edition we were starting to see a downwards trend which ultimately did reach a deep low. We are curious to see how the numbers will change in the next couple months, and if the latest upward trend is going to continue and possibly stabilize, or if we will see yet another valley in our graph.

On the other hand, we have seen average CPA prices continue to lower throughout the month of August, and eventually reaching a plateau as of the beginning of September. App Marketers will therefore find it more lucrative to to focus their investments in Cost Per Action results, which are found further down the funnel and are therefore relied upon by advertisers to diminish risk.

Mapendo continues to invest in technology in order to reduce risk and fluctuation, and this will be critical in order to push through the last quarter of the year and make the best of it.

2020 is about to wrap up and we are very interested in analyzing these last few months’ data results to see how the unprecedented events of this year have affected the numbers over the course of the year. We look forward to keeping our readers informed on these fluctuating price levels.

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Stay tuned as we keep close track of the numbers and take note of the upcoming trends!

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