Mobile User Acquisition Success Story— Sports Betting App Case Study

Case Study: Sports Betting App* and Mapendo

*As requested by our client, this case study remains anonymous to ensure the utmost privacy.


Our client is an American Sports Betting App.


Mapendo is focused on helping our clients ensure successful campaigns are achieved. The following goals have been established between our client and Mapendo:

  • Fan base growth. The goal was to focus on the most followed sports (for example NFL/NBA) in order to successfully widen the fan base through our strategic growth marketing techniques.
  • Strategic targeting. Closely monitor scheduled matches, sports events, and championships in order to always be up to date, and consequently better schedule and target the ads.
  • Effective and speedy communication. Have an efficient communication plan with the client to stay in line with their goals/needs and discuss insights in regards to sport and event trends along with the most engaging types of creative.
  • Continuous optimization. Keep track of all actions taken on the campaigns and collect data. Data collection is essential for optimizing the campaigns and to replicate best practices.
  • Maximization of efficiency and ROI. Usually, these kinds of campaigns are explosive in terms of volumes but it’s really important to keep the efficiency levels up. The goal was to ensure not to exceed the spending which is crucial, while at the same time meeting the client’s KPI and ensure the client was satisfied with the ROI.

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Mapendo’s technology helped with scheduling, distributing the delivery constantly while smoothing it over time, and keeping the spending under control to improve and maintain the conversion rates above the minimum required thresholds. Our algorithms supported us by gathering data and targeting the campaigns by connections, states, carriers, OS versions, and so on while also optimizing the traffic to meet or exceed the expected KPIs.

Until now, the biggest challenge for Mapendo in this activity has been to fight fraud while delivering a massive amounts of traffic. Our A.I. technology (supported by third-party data) continuously cross-checks many data points such as viewability, User-Agent, IPs, Connection Types, and also keeps track of bad or suspicious sources.

Thanks to this, we have been able to deliver excellent growth marketing results, measured by our anti-fraud technology and also by third-party partners. Mapendo is focused on specializing and continuously evolving in this vertical, which also encompasses large and complex budgets, working with the biggest players in the industry. Partnership marketing is our specialty, as we truly see ourselves as our client’s partners in achieving success in the competitive world of mobile advertising.

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Mapendo is a tech platform for user acquisition. We deliver huge volumes of CPA & CPI conversions to the best mobile apps available.

If you are looking to facilitate and automate your user acquisition process, all while getting trusted fraud protection, visit our site or get in touch with us!



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We are Mapendo. Curious and innovative. Mobile App Marketing is what we do and w. Artificial Intelligence is how we do it. || Bologna, IT ||

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Mapendo Tech Team

Mapendo Tech Team

We are Mapendo. Curious and innovative. Mobile App Marketing is what we do and w. Artificial Intelligence is how we do it. || Bologna, IT ||

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