The Anatomy of an Ad Campaign For a Mobile App

1. The Advertiser/The Client

The client also called an advertiser (in this case) is “[…] the entity of the buying side of the mobile marketing ecosystem. In the context of mobile advertising, the advertiser is often an app or brand looking to spread a specific message about their product.”

Usually, advertisers buy ad space from mobile publishers and ad networks, who help them relay their messages to their end-users. For example, a car-sharing app (the advertiser) will buy ad space from an ad network, who then publishes advertisements for a promotional offer for that transportation app within other apps.

Advertisers live and breathe marketing campaigns. Without them, we wouldn’t have a job to do as they are the ones who assign us ad campaigns. We are in touch with them every day and we continuously share information about payouts, sources, and much more.

2. The App

The app, a very important aspect when it comes to an ad campaign. The app is ultimately the end product. It is the product/service that we want users to download, to subscribe to, to purchase a product/service within the app, etc. The app is where an advertiser will be publishing the ad and to which the user will then see, click or purchase. Just like the advertiser, if there is no app there is no product when it comes to mobile ad advertising.

3. The Budget

Before setting up a campaign it’s important to set a budget. In other words, before choosing the perfect strategy, one must be certain about the money that they can spend. The budget should be clear for both the advertiser and the publisher like this everyone is on the same page and this can avoid conflict and miscommunication. Additionally, after an accurate analysis of our supply panel and past results on similar campaigns clients can discuss the budget with account managers.

Interested in knowing more about us and our A.I. tech? You can learn about how it can help grow your App here!

4. The Creatives

The creatives, in other words, are the ads. They come in all shapes and sizes: there are banners ads, interstitials, native ads, Javascript tag, videos, etc. The most common type of advertisements is the banner, the interstitial, and video.

  • Banner: is the use of a graphic horizontal rectangular display that stretched either across the bottom or the top (for mobile advertising) of the screen. Banners, also known as display advertising, can be a static or animated image and are usually placed in an area where the is high-visibility on an app that has a lot of traffic passing through. This type of add may seem very advantageous as it can help with brand awareness, generate leads, and retargeting. Additionally, it’s easy to create and is also the cheapest format.
  • Interstitial: are very different from banners as they take up the entire screen of a mobile phone. This type of ad gives broader exposure since it’s incredibly difficult to ignore an ad that takes up the whole screen. However, this ad requires more effort when it comes to its creation because there are so many factors that influence their aspect.
  • Videos: are the most effective format for an ad. With attractive content, one is sure to attract users. A video is a glimpse of the product after the purchase is done. Nevertheless, videos do not come at a low cost.

5. The Traffic

Paid traffic is any customer that visits either a website or in the case of mobile advertising, an app. All of this is done after an advertiser has paid for an advertising promotion. Traffic is simply driving people towards product/service. The benefits of paid traffic are one can choose exactly how much you want to pay to drive the best direct paid traffic to your website/app. Moreover, there is also the possibility to set a daily limit to advertising formats. Nonetheless, one is paying to drive consumers to a website/app but the end-user is not obligated to purchase anything. Traffic is provided for any app or website that want to monetize itself toward selling ‘spaces’ (placement) where an advertiser can put its own banner — creatives that are shown to the final customer, a user that will download and use the app

6. An Attribution Platform

An attribution platform is a technological solution that helps control digital advertising campaigns. It enables one to dictate which acquisition sources are producing conversions along with other details. Advertisers can use this attribution platform to track conversions, check performances, CTIT, and any kind of fraud. The ultimate goal is to track conversions.

7. A Campaign Manager

Skillful Account Managers bring you real and active users. For the past 3 years, our algorithms have been trained to optimize the traffic for mobile advertising campaigns to satisfy the client’s KPIs, maximize user Retention, and generate mobile post-installs, and sales. The account managers at Mapendo are skilled enough to manage both advertisers and suppliers, recognize fraud, and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients. All of this is all done manually through our in-house built technology. Our account managers are known to be transparent, multitaskers, and fast at communicating.




We are Mapendo. Curious and innovative. Mobile App Marketing is what we do and w. Artificial Intelligence is how we do it. || Bologna, IT ||

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Mapendo Tech Team

Mapendo Tech Team

We are Mapendo. Curious and innovative. Mobile App Marketing is what we do and w. Artificial Intelligence is how we do it. || Bologna, IT ||

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