The Chamber of App Campaign Secrets: for Advertisers

If you’re an App Advertiser we’ve got you covered

So you are working in the Mobile Industry? Then you are likely aware just how intricate, difficult, and frustrating it can be to navigate at times. But, if you just so happen to be an Advertiser in this industry, you are going to be happy to know you landed in the right Blog.

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Look no further as we take you on a journey to learn some of our insiders’ tips & tricks on how make sure your App campaigns end up being a success.

So let’s dive right in!

Tip #1: If it’s your “first time around the block” with the App Campaign at hand, invest in a discovery phase first.

Essentially, if you haven’t had any tried and true experience advertising a particular app as of yet, you should push all of your available traffic for a few days in order to “test the waters” and see how that traffic performs, just mind the geo targeting of course. At the end of these initial test days, you should have collected enough data to study, and, based on the KPIs and the CR goals, you should gradually optimize your traffic by keeping the best performing traffic only. By getting your traffic from a variety of channels and placements, you will be able to determine the best configuration of traffic for your campaigns. You can then exclude what hinders the overall performance and continue to expand the rest.

Tip #2: If you have had experience advertising the particular App, analyze that historical data!

This would be the second possible scenario, where you already have run one or more campaigns, and you are sending another campaign out into the world. As an Advertiser, if you are looking for excellent results in terms of KPI, and particularly CR, the previous data must be analyzed carefully. This allows for an already-targed campaign to be launched, based on the best traffic sources that have had proven success. Save time and money, as my grandfather always used to say, “measure twice, cut once”.

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Tip #3: Focus on building a strong traffic inventory through the right partnerships.

This industry is very dynamic, is full of players/competitors, and client expectations are always evolving. This means that, depending on the offer you’re dealing with, you must be able to consistently get the right traffic at the right time. So make sure to build up a wide, diverse and high-quality inventory of traffic through the right business partnerships that can provide said traffic. Ultimately, work on maintaining frequent communication and positive relationships with other players in the market that will make your business thrive and help develop new ideas and solutions that push growth and company success on both ends. Being able to rely on trustworthy business partners to manage a high quality pool of traffic is essential, so it’s important to do the research and invest on building strong and long-lasting relationships with those partners.

Stay tuned for more! Our tips & tricks list is ongoing and we strive to provide regular updates as we continue to learn more from our daily activities!

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