The Chamber of App Campaign Secrets: for Advertisers | Part 2

If you’re an App Advertiser we’ve got you covered

We know how maddening the Mobile Industry can be, so if you are a Mobile Marketing professional we are here to make your life a little bit easier. Welcome to Part 2 of our exclusive tips & tricks for Advertisers who are looking for some help and guidance (follow our blog to get regular updates, or subscribe to our newsletter The Mobile Monitor).

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Look no further as we take you on a journey to learn some of our insiders’ tips & tricks on how make sure your App campaigns end up being a success.

Let’s continue our journey…

Tip #4: Work smarter, not harder by leveraging A.I.

Over the years, thanks to the collection of vast amount of data and the talent of a few key software engineers, companies like Mapendo have developed proprietary algorithms that automate the entire user acquisition process by optimizing each and every campaign. This is done also with some manual input of course, but the magic key has been the A.I. technology itself, which is able to manage the traffic and direct it to the campaign which has the highest probability to convert. Neat!

Tip #5: Follow the money — get into the largest accessible market (next to China) the big ‘ol U.S. of A.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the expertise of some companies which have invested great efforts to gain strategic experience in key verticals, particularly in the most competitive of international markets for User Acquisition — the United States. This experience in the management of U.S.A. offers and getting excellent results is a fine-tuned skill which some companies (such as Mapendo) have had success with, not only with clients, but also with large U.S. agencies which operate in the Mobile Advertising sector. So if you’re looking to get ahead in this large, complex market, make sure you don’t partner with just anyone, but look for companies that have a niche expertise in this area, and already have a trusted and proven methodology.

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Tip #6: Never give up.

This might come across as a cliche but make no mistake: persistance is king. You must continue to work with and experiment with different campaign strategies while working with your business parter to optimize each and every one until you have achieved your KPIs and ultimately, your business goals. So while the world of Mobile might take you for a wild ride every once in a while, always remember that there are key things you can take into consideration and experts you can rely on in order to have a better shot at being successful.

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