Mobile Ads Performance Index, July Edition

Today we’re releasing data for June and the first half of July. This is the period where usually spending begins to ramp up as advertisers prepare for the final part of the year.

Mapendo, as ad tech platform specialised in new users acquisition for mobile apps since years, has always been dealing with price fluctuations. Partly due to the seasonality, partly due to macroeconomic and social behaviours. The latter is the case obviously with the pandemic that is affecting many countries. Mapendo’s technology manages to counterbalance these fluctuations, maintaining strong and stable CPIs and CPAs.

We believe this data is useful for marketers while evaluating their strategies.
We’re releasing data for the US, planning to expand to more areas soon.
Previous update for the month of June ’20 was here.

So, is the mobile apps industry going to have a strong Q3?

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Let’s look at the data for eCPI prices:

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Average CPI prices for June and July (1–15)

Here you can find the average CPA prices:

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Average CPA prices, June and July (1–15)

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As we’ve said before CPA prices are very relevant lately, because advertisers want to diminish risk, so they prefer to pay lower in the funnel (CPA instead of CPI). CPA activity is growing a lot during the pandemic.

Here are our takings:

  • While June’s data show a recover from the fell of prices during the pandemic, data for early July confirm this recovery.
  • At the beginning of Q3 there is usually a spike in CPI and CPA prices. This year it seems this spike has been delayed towards the end of July (or early August)
  • Prices are not at the levels of 2019 for the same season of the year.
  • The start of Q3 has not been as strong as predicted by many analysts. It seems the pandemic is still preventing some companies from increasing their spending.

We’ve changed a bit the way data has been calculated, so you will see some different numbers for previous months. This is due only to a better distinction between CPI and CPA activities.

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