US eCPI prices: June update

Time has come for another update of our analysis of equivalent CPI prices in the US market. In the last update of our eCPI price report we analysed the effect of the pandemic on eCPI prices: just (almost) like any other industry online advertising has been affected by the recent events as we saw a steady drop in prices.

Our data science team crunched again the numbers!

Let’s go straight to the chart, where we see a strong recovery in prices, sign of many clients restarting the activity and competition going up.

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As we move towards the end of Q2 here are our takings from this data:

  • Many apps & marketers restarted their activity. This generated a little more competition and prices went up a bit.
  • Don’t let numbers fool you! prices are not yet at normal levels for the current season. In the previous years we saw higher prices towards the end of Q2. This is usually the time of the year when prices start to rise.
  • Obviously the increase is not equally distributed among the verticals: while commerce, games and some others are strong, there are other verticals lagging behind: namely transportation and (at some levels) finance.
  • Will 2020 be a year of growth for the mobile advertising industry? Q2 has been strongly affected by the pandemic, resulting in the biggest drop of prices (and probably overall investment in the industry). Our next update will be very important: June and July will indicate if the whole industry will be recovering very fast before Q4 where we see around 40% of the yearly spend.

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We will publish the next update at the beginning of July, stay tuned!

A quick note for those of you who wrote us about eCPI prices in other areas (EU & APAC). Hold tight! We will get our analysis also for those areas in the coming months.

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Disclaimer: data used for this analysis come from our activities. Some apps, marketers and partners might see different numbers on their data.

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