What’s up with Trading Apps?

The growing popularity of trading apps around the world has added kindle to the fire that is the FinTech app market growth. Major banks have already been adding stock trading access to their existing mobile apps to add value for their customers, and now there is a plethora of competitive trading apps that are taking down the historical barriers of high minimums and fees that have alienated millions of potential users in the past. Apps such as Wealthsimple Trade for the North American market, U.K.-based Freetrade, or Australia’s Stake are all capitalizing on the opportunity to provide new, easier, and more accessible options for users to invest, even those who are inexperienced or first-time investors are able to access these services.

So what does all of this mean for app developers and marketers in FinTech? With COVID-19 also having been a major catalyst for the uptick in overall mobile app usage worldwide, the competition out there is fierce, and in order for apps to really take off in the market one of the most important elements is the way these apps are being marketed. Relying on App Stores of course is not enough unless you already are a big name brand, and in order to successfully reach the right potential users through new channels, marketing efforts need to be smarter and more efficient than ever. This is where optimization and technology come into play and will be critical in achieving successful app campaigns. Optimization tasks that used to have to be done manually can now be done with A.I. and other automation tools which work in concert to manage campaigns in the smartest and most efficient way possible, something that was historically not an option and is now becoming a must-have.

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Ultimately, the “work smarter, not harder” mantra is what will drive success and growth for Trading Apps in a saturated FinTech market, quickly becoming even more so. Reaching new, carefully targeted users is part of the equation. Intelligently automating that process is the critical success factor, while tracking results and adapting the campaign as needed will be the fine-tuning required to drive each individual campaign to its ultimate user acquisition goal and beyond.

Worrying about creating a platform that adds substantive value for the user through accessibility and ease of use while adhering to geographical regulation is one side of the coin, successfully reaching the right users and increasing that user base in an efficient and automated way is the other side. In order to keep up with competition, developers and studios will need to be cognizant of the surging technologies increasingly being relied on in order to efficiently promote today’s apps through partnership marketing and expert growth marketing.

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