Who are the Italian companies working on Artificial Intelligence?

Our journey started as a company managing online advertising. We were working mostly manually. A lot of emails and excel sheets. In just a few years everything has changed. Now Mapendo is a fully automated platform delivering results for our clients thanks to the ads that are managed by our proprietary A.I. technology.

We were definitely not experts in A.I. nor algorithms. We developed such skills mostly in-house. Obviously we were reinventing algorithms and source code made freely available by academic institutions and companies.

We know that we are not alone developing A.I.-based services in Italy. But we rarely get in touch with other companies working with similar technology. We are lacking the chance of expanding our views and knowledge. And I strongly believe we could more if…..we only knew more people and companies in this industry. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to write down a list of companies working with Artificial Intelligence out of Italy.

This list is not comprehensive. I tried to select the companies I find most interesting. If you think something needs to be added please write directly to lorenzo ( a t ) mapendo ( d o t ) me.

This is the first company in our list, because it’s the only one we’ve actually interacted with in person. And also because Ammagamma is based in Modena (some 30 minutes north of Bologna). Ammagamma develops personalised solutions for corporations wanting to optimise their processes thanks to big data and A.I.. Formerly known as Energy Way because they started working in the energy industry. Probably the biggest team based in Italy working with Artificial Intelligence.

MDOTM uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse big data and find alternative (and better) investment solutions. Applying Artificial Intelligence to finance is not completely new but many companies have proven this can strongly improve the performance of investments. MDOTM performs diagnostics of existing portfolios to strengthen the efficiency and improve asset allocation. At the same time, they can propose alternative investment strategies based on marked data analysis.

Cyber Dyne
KYMEME is a decision support system tailored for industrial clients. It can support the design of industrial products by providing insights and data that optimize the design process. At the same time KIMEME improves the logistics processes and production planning. KYMEME is based out of Pescara and supported by Gellify (an incubator based in Bologna).

Pigro (lazy in English) is not only a chat assistant. It supports the internal team of clients by helping them finding answers about internal policies and documentation. Organising internal knowledge is never easy for companies and employees, this is where pigro comes to help.
Other than helping the internal team of client companies pigro.ai has developed a system that supports the helpdesk team supporting clients requests. And they also have a chat bot that answers directly clients requests.

Visual analysis to understand what will stand out. Kellify applies algorithms to visual data, so to identify in advance what is going to generate attention. For example they can use it in video streaming services, to identify the content that will be mostly liked and viewed by users. Or they can analyze profiles on dating services to find out who’s gonna be liked by whom the most.

Ynap Group
It started out as an Italian company and now it’s a big global group. But YNAP is using Artificial Intelligence, mainly supporting Visual Search to enhance the client experience on their web properties. As Google and other companies have shown, improving the user experience on shopping sites leads to higher buying rates. YNAP is developing the A.I. engine together with the University of Modena.

Haruspex Security
Born around the University of Pisa it is a company specialized in AI-based analysis of potential security threats. Its digital twin-based technology is the only one in the world capable of defining the minimum number of countermeasures to be applied in order to neutralize cyber-risk, thus dramatically reducing the number of patches required. Through the cyber stress curves, it also defines how long a system is able to withstand under attack before collapsing. Cyber security is huge obviously and we could not add an Italian company excelling in this field.

I added Mapendo to the list as we are relatively unknown in Italy. We manage and optimise performance advertising, mostly for US based clients. Thanks to our data and algorithms we are able to buy internet traffic and deliver transaction (leads, new users, sales, …) to our clients. Our model is fully no-risk for our clients, it means they pay only for transactions that are relevant for them and not for Internet traffic. We are A.I. powered performance marketing.

As I mentioned earlier, this is just a short list of companies working with artificial intelligence that got my attention. I used a few sources to write down this list. Here are some of them:

Mapendo is a tech platform for app user acquisition. We deliver huge volumes of CPA & CPI conversions to the best mobile apps available with A.I.

If you are looking to facilitate and automate your user acquisition process, all while getting trusted fraud protection, visit our site or get in touch with us!

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