Mobile Ads Performance Index, October/November Edition

Here we go again! Our latest U.S. data is showing further fluctuations on CPI and CPA prices. Have a look at our latest data on the month of October and the first days of November.

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The Mobile Ads Performance Index records monthly changes across KPI used by Mobile App Marketers including the average Cost per App Install (CPI). Stay tuned for the upcoming November and December results!

As we mentioned in our previous updated, there was a dramatic drop in CPI prices as we got closer to the fourth quarter of 2020. This decrease was even more drastic than during the peak of the pandemic back in March/April. Having said that, what soon followed was a rapid increase during the month of September, which, as we have closely observed, has continued throughout the month of October. As mentioned in our previous September edition, we wanted to see if we were going to continue to see this upward trend, or otherwise. Well, based on the data from the first part of November, what has played out is actually a new decrease! This ultimately draws an almost symmetrical picture of 2020'a CPI fluctuation. We are very curious to see what the last couple months or so of this year have in store for us.

So what’s happening with the CPA prices? We had seen a plateau at the very beginning of the month of September, however a new wave emerged throughout October, creating the third “hump” throughout 2020 so far, and taking a dramatic dive into the first part of November, reaching an ultimate low-point and perhaps turning out to be the most lucrative opportunity for App Marketers yet, who can consider low-CPA campaigning particularly strategic, as we have mentioned time and time again, because of the Cost Per Action result being further down the funnel, it can be more robust and be relied upon by advertisers to diminish their overall risk.

As always, Mapendo continues to invest in technology in order to reduce risk and fluctuation, and this will be particularly important in the last stretch of 2020 in order to ensure the best results for Advertisers in this sensitive Mobile ecosystem. We want to remain as nimble as ever in order to best respond to unpredictable situations. Basically trying to predict the unpredictable.

We will keep a close eye on the last movement in these trends, and are curious to see what the very end of 2020 will look like for this data, and eventually drawing a full picture to study and analyze. 2020 has certainly thrown several curveballs at us, and we have had to deal with and adapt to unprecedented change. We want to continue to be as unrelenting as possible and provide some semblance of stability in an unstable environment.

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