The Top European Companies Working with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely under the radar all over the world. There are quite a few companies developing A.I.-enabled solutions. Some of them are very famous, from search (Google) to self-driving vehicles (Uber, Tesla Motors and others) to data centers (Amazon Web Services). There are also some A.I. enablers, such as OpenAI.

But there are quite a few less known companies working in this field. Europe is emerging as a fertile ground. Here we decided to talk about some of the most interesting companies that leverage A.I. that are based in Europe. In no particular order here are the companies that caught our eye- for each one we provide a little blurb to introduce them to our readers We hope that these will encourage further discussion and exploration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Mapillary (Sweden)
This Swedish company uses geotagging to build something similar to Google’s StreetView. Basically it crowdsources image analysis, and offers store front images, point-of-interest images and other features without sending out cars to take pictures as Google is doing. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2020. To encapsulate what the company does in one sentence (as is indicated on their webpage): “The street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping.”

It is very interesting to see companies other than Google get a foothold in this type of work, especially in Europe. They were founded in 2013 and so are still relatively new. So far their members have contribute to imagery acquired from more than 150 countries.

Graphcore (UK)
They are more on the hardware side of the tech industry. Graphcore creates a very advanced family of hardware chips for machine learning tasks. In the UK there is a strong expertise for hardware (ARM is based in the UK too), A.I. powered chips are going to be a huge market.

The company believes that their Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) technology will eventually become the “ worldwide standard” for machine intelligence computation. they have created a completely new processor which is uniquely designed for AI compute. The company hopes to become the standard for multiple verticals from medical, to autonomous driving, and of course robotics.

Prophesee (France)
Developed out of France, they create machine vision based on A.I. This is particularly important as Industry and Automation rely more and more on A.I. and software. The interconnection between mechanical engineering and A.I. will create a lot of value (and in fact Prophesee managed to raise lots of money to built their technology).

In a nutshell, the company is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision system (neuromorphic meaning it mimics the the eye and the brain). The company has already partnered up with giants such as Intel, Bosch, and Huawei. It is also showcasing a wide range of end-use applications from autonomous vehicles, IoT, surveillance and AR/VR and even restoring vision to the blind. Wild!

Darktrace (UK)
Enter the world of cyber security. We’re not exactly talking about hardware, but rather infrastructure (mainly cloud). Darktrace uses machine learning to identify cyber threats to cloud services.

Also founded in 2013 (by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge), the company was the the first to develop an AI sytem for cyber security. The founders included cyber security specialists with government intelligence backgrounds which essentially solidifies their know-how in the industry and therefore their credibility in the sector.

Wonderflow (Italy/Netherlands)
Born in Italy, Wonderflow is now growing both from Netherlands and the northern Italian Region called Trentino, in the Alps. They analyze customer feedback (reviews, ratings, whatever trace users leave online about your products) to create customer feedback analytics.

Their Artificial Intelligence technology allows them to reveal actionalble insights from all this customer feedback, which includes everything from social media posts, ratings, reviews, contact center data and even more.

ModeFinance (Italy)
ModeFinance is an Italian company that specializes in the financial consulting and the creditworthiness evaluations of companies. They use A.I. and data science in order to determine credit risk. Their products and services are provided to a wide range of sectors including insurance, banking, financfiaò advisory, governmental institutions, and public organizations. The company can determine the credit risk of companies, sectors, holdings, vendors, and countries. They specifically use what they call the MORE philosophy which stands for Multi Objective Rating Evaluation, the data science methodology to complete the risk assessment. You can learn about the details here.

AIMotive (Hungary)
The european automobile industry is huge, but we picked a company from Hungary not from Germany or Italy (where the biggest — or fanciest — car makers come from in Europe). AIMotive is developing a full driving platform. They’re working for Level 5 autonomy, the highest level of automation in self-driving cars.

They also stand by the idea that bigger is not always better when considering hardware platforms “for executing high performance Neural Networks”. Their technology allows for more flexibility, using multiple cores and ultimately delivers better results with easier scalability and efficiency as far as power is concerned.

To Wrap Things Up

We created this list because we want to cooperate with best companies working on A.I. enabled technology all around Europe. A few days ago we published a list of the top Italian companies working on A.I. (We plan on updating this list regularly, so if you want to be featured just drop us a note).

We are proud to be part of this new wave of technologically-advanced companies and are happy to see some important trends as far as where tech investments are being funnelled, with the latest data and analysis demonstrating that Europe is likely to become the hub for the next “silicon valley”.

Being a proudly European company, we are always looking to advance.

“We are striving to reach the forefront of mobile advertising technology, and every day we are looking to improve our software in order to do so. We want to shake up the European mobile app industry, and improving the technology behind the “magic” is one way to do that”.

-Mapendo CEO and Founder Lorenzo Viscanti

Mapendo is a tech platform for app user acquisition. We deliver huge volumes of CPA & CPI conversions to the best mobile apps available with A.I.

If you are looking to facilitate and automate your user acquisition process, all while getting trusted fraud protection, visit our site or get in touch with us!

We are Mapendo. Curious and innovative. Mobile App Marketing is what we do and w. Artificial Intelligence is how we do it. || Bologna, IT ||

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